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“Clearly, what characterizes the outset Street Art is its undeniable essence pop, urban architecture as surface expression and passersby as spectators. In constant development and globalized world since the early 60s, he today takes many forms, collage the Tag, the fresco of the mural through the sticker. Moreover, Street Art has to do with mass culture, that of our contemporary icons from industries culture that are Disney or Nintendo that street artists to ingest and digest better grasp the potential political and subversive and deliver to the eyes of the world a message strong and of- fensive by the diversion of images innocent.

Kidnapping combo Culture is part of this movement. His works, we can meet at a street corner in Los Angeles or Paris, are mostly prints clowns on the wall made of collages mixed with images and news items from cartoons or video games. Selected for their immediate identification, the dif- ferent elements that make up these images are mainly characterized by their incongruity reconcili- ation. On an official photograph, the G8 members wear masks brothers Beagle, bin Laden wears a mask of the Jerry mouse or even a cover of Vogue China presents models whose head is replaced by the facies of Hello Kitty.

The looting and the reappropriation of images ubiquitous invites us undoubtedly to reflection on the status of what we see, of stereotypes of reading that we are taught to detected in images to categorize.

It is also illegal for these reconciliations and diverted from their original message that appeal to our popular culture that Combo disturb the clarity of the message. Here comes the imbalance des- ecrate these symbols we refer very directly to inequalities of our world, be they cultural identity or financial. Moreover, it is in the modus operandi that the strength of these image is expressed in piracy space urban area of expression as conquered. The combination of gesture poacher display in public space combined with the ephemeral aspect of Artwork subject to malicious damage invol- untary and thus offering a Combo Nature activist who tells us, by clever decentering of readings, behind the scenes strategically built by a speech media and political.

The combo works revolve around the concept of locus, which focus concerned about the actions of artists Street Art. Legitimacy of expression but also legitimacy of ownership and recognition practice. The combo works, then, they meet or not public support, never let us insensitive, strength these images desecrated erected into a weapon of mass disruption.”

Pierre Malachin, art critic, Salon de Montrouge 2012.