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Close to absurd movements such as Oulipo, Dada or pataphysicians. I maintain a sensitive rela- tionship with popular images and symbols that surround me. Both drawn from the news in the delu- sions of my childhood, I like to play with and divert them, with the only formal constraint, it give free rein to the stupidity and non-serious to counter with a society I found frightened and pessimistic.
It is therefore between the surreal territory, the popular and naive as I focus my practice. Work or images out of their hinges, reveal their potential as absurd and strangeness.

Exhibition view - Youpi Banga

“For humor and self-mockery, his drawings show, they are both full of freshness, poetry and cruelty. In his world batons are made of marble, stone bananas, pallets of granite. This diversion of materi- als produces a curious feeling of attraction and repulsion, the objects become sculptures, unfit for consumption, became the remains of a disappearing world.
Joachim Monvoisin is also able to run a fan over a ceramic skull to encourage us not to take our- selves too head and keep our ideas fresh!”