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John Timberlake’s Google Paintings embody painterly responses to the shapes and features of Earth’s surface shown on Google Earth.  Over two years, Timberlake produced a series of sketches in oils on prepared paper of locations mentioned in news reports and conversations, responding to the perspectival distortions, flattening  and absences in the computerised rendering, and adding imagined skies.

My practice is a pictorialist one, involving mainly photography, painting and drawing, underpinned by the legacies and practices of conceptualism. In this way, I aim to work in and around issues of picturing, photography and realism as a set of problematics. Commentators have remarked upon my works’ Romanticism but also its schizophrenic qualities; my work often carries within it a sense of instability or fragmentation. My work has been characterised in part by a sustained critical engage- ment with landscape, its histories and narratives, depictions of apocalypse, Utopia and the sublime, and also, formally, by a combination of media, sometimes referencing ‘non-fine art’ applications – for example, where I have used painting, I have done so as a backdrop, as an illustration, or as an ‘art- ist’s impression’ – painting something imagined or projected onto a photographic background, with its resultant figure/ground disjunctures evoking a realism constructed of substitutes and unrealised projections.