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Solo exhibition of John Timberlake

This exhibition brings together new landscape paintings by London based artist John Timberlake.
This new body of work, exhibited for the first time, deepens and extends Timberlake’s engagement with issues raised by the depiction of landscape, and extending his consideration of landscape as a construction of ‘space + time’ through the use of sequence.

View of the exhibition :

Landscapes for drones have been created by the artist in response to 19th Century oil sketches in museums and galleries. Executed in oil paints on carefully prepared paper, this new sequence imagines fragmented mapped terrains traversed by the brightly coloured but insidious lines of GPS tracking, updating the traditional form of the landscape sketch for an age in which landscape, like all else, is subjected to the ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ desires of the military-industrial complex.
Two other sequences, each painted on canvas, arise from reflections on different modes of time, both implicit and explicit, within landscape.

The triptych After Jaffe (2013) executed in oils on canvas, takes an interpretative view of a small undated sketch of a project left unrealized by the US architect Norman Jaffe (1932-1993). The triptych imagines a building that might have been built, by some other architect, in a derivative style, after Jaffe’s death. In Timberlake’s imagined sequence, this building now stands alone, and somewhat dilapidated, seemingly abandoned, marked by the passage of an unspecified period of time and the flux of small events.

After Jaffe
triptych - 2013
oil on canvas - 45x60cm

In a dialectical contrast to this ‘flux’ of events in time depicted in After Jaffe, the sequence A Repetitive False Memory (2013) imagines the fluctuation of memory itself. Here, Timberlake explores the ‘time- less’ space of his own Unconscious, attempting, in worked-over canvases, to represent a persistently recurrent but fluctuating mental image recalled in different permutations over several months, through a quartet of paintings. The resulting single work posits no one definitive image, but rather a collection, viewable in any order, each of which qualifies or questions the possible veracity of the others without the possibility of resolution.

A Repetitive False Memory
quadriptych - 2013
oil on canvas - 45x60cm

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Landscape for drones 3
oil and pencil on paper
82X109X3cm framed