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Solo show of Pierre Budet
Opening thursday 9th of January / 2014
Exhibition from 10th of January to 1st of March 2014

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"There is a photograph of Joseph Beuys watching Star Trek on TV with his family. Recognizes its silhouette, head towards the screen hooked up in a corner of the room. Close-up, Captain Kirk, the screen seems to return his gaze suspiciously.
My work is here, between these two poles, between High and Low Brow. This photograph is a lesson iconoclasm. To break the idols, you must return and move them. This is what I want to do."
Pierre Budet.

Menteur Menteur Slip en Feu - (Liar Liar Slip on Fire)
Indian Ink and acrylic on paper - 56x73cm - 2012

The Yellow Submarine
Indian Ink on paper - 74x110cm - 2012

“On Pierre Budet’s work is a sharp line that guides us and delights among blacks and whites draw- ings, where sometimes, rarely, a burst of color arises. Drawings available to our eyes reveal and at the same time hide the position of balancing likes to take the author. Traits of humor and wit, as they are ink build this practice elegantly detached.”
Abel Vyzenco