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Rendez-vous à Saint-Briac
Manifestation d'art contemporain

Du 5 au 8 mai 2016 Vernissage jeudi 5 mai 2016


Saint Briac sur Mer

At Saint Briac we present the works of our artists in our personal home, our garden and the landscape of the "Frémur" estuary.
Friends and collectors who come to these openings discover the works in a less formal setting than the gallery, in a scenario of a private house. They can imagine how to live with the pieces.

This year the "Sumer Gallery" opens Saturday 4th of August until 18h. With works of Léa Bénétou, Jean-Yves Brelivet, Pierre Budet, Ron Haselden, Sharon Kivland, John Timberlake and Yves Trémorin.

Opening invitation - Drawing by Pierre Budet.


August 5, 2011. For our first summer opening we installed in our home and in our garden, sculptures by Jean-Yves Brélivet, pictures of Yves Trémorin, the Dodos & Dadas by Delfina Reis Renck and two works Gilles Mahé.

         AM. Yves Trémorin


                   Lapin-carottes     JY Brélivet
                             Huître. Série Transparences.Yves Trémorin.

          Sauvetage en mer. JY Brélivet


                           Huître. Série Transparences. Yves Trémorin


          Dodos & Dadas. Delfina Reis Renck







                                                                      L'angle domestique. JY Brélivet


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