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born in Toulon in 1965
trained in plastic arts in Toulon at the École Supérieure d'Art de Toulon
and in Aix-en-Provence at the Université de Provence

For several years now, Sophie has focused her attention on concepts of memory. Exchanges with one or several persons will often spur her into a new project. Her method tends toward questioning the relationship of the body with the intimacy of an article of clothing. Her pieces tackle the ritualization of gestures and how they are interconnected with materials and the use of everyday objects.

Cloth, a noble material charged with stories, spins its own tales. In numerous pieces, it's an accent highlighting a detail. Her installations (video, performance, objects) deal with the body in space. Her work is presented in several contemporary art spaces. She's also credited with the stage design and the video work of a theatrical creation signed by Francine di Mercurio and titled La Mémoire et l'Écume. Sophie has also created costumes for live shows.

Corps-piqué, papillon d'aile, 2009
Sculpture en tissu satin bleu

Grappes, 2012
dessin sur papier abrasif, aquarelle
30x25 cm