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Sur le motif

Group show from the 5th of august to the 15th of october 2016
Opening friday 5th of august at 6pm

With Léa Bénétou, COMBO, Jean-Yves Brélivet, Pierre Budet, Miguel Egaña, Nikolas Fouré, Pierre Galopin, Ron Haselden, Vincent Victor Jouffe, Sharon Kivland, Sophie Menuet, John Timberlake, Yves Trémorin, Ana Catalina Vicuña

Anaick Bergerault, Nathalie Bret, Lydie Chamaret, Marinette Cueco, Catherine Dressayre, Bruno Fontana, Andoni Maillard, Régis Perray, Susanna Niederer, Erik Samakh, Kris Séraphin Lange

Nuage peau, détail, 2016

Nikolas Fouré


Paintings - Matilde Benmayor
Exhibition of her works after a month of residency during June at the Galerie in Saint-Briac
Opening friday 5th of august at 6pm

Le Grand Vaupiard - open by appointment
Galerie des petits carreaux - 35800 Saint-Briac